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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can be an excellent complement to Chiropractic care. We have an in-house affiliate who can provide this service. His contact information is listed below. Please reach out to him directly to schedule an appointment.

Jon Leaver

Jon Leaver, LMT, BCH, C-IAYT, combines his skills as a massage therapist, Board Certified hypnotist an IAYT certified yoga therapist to chart a path to complete wellness for his clients. Jon offers therapeutic massage focusing on muscle balance, structural balance, normalizing range of motion, and pain relief. Typical treatment can include myofascial release techniques, various muscular release techniques, deep tissue, and may include cupping, hot stones, K-tape, or other tools. The objective of each treatment is to improve each client by measuring range of motion or improve pain condition. Jon volunteers his services each year at the Boston Marathon, Yoga Reaches Out New England, Nantucket Yoga Festival, Save the Bay Events and various other local community events.

Phone: (508) 284-4752